Department of Computer Science, Year 4 Koshira Hashimoto


It’s already been 3 years since I first set foot onto Nagoya Institute of Technology campus and now I am in my 4th year, enjoying every single day. At the Department of Computer Science, we have the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the structure of a computer, from hardware point of view like the CPU and from software point of view like artificial intelligence or computer graphics. Without realizing, these computers support and make our daily lives comfortable in many ways. The learning environment is well facilitated and we are very fortunate to have the department laboratories, where Computer Science majors can use the computers, anytime of the day, at our disposal. Outside the classrooms, the University has helped me form a strong relationship with my peers and professors and has greatly helped me mature as a person as well. I am convinced that the strength, knowledge, and experience you will gain from enrolling into the Department of Computer Science will be irreplaceable. I say this because this is true for me. So for all of you out there, considering a university, whether you are interested in computers or not, join me at the Nagoya Institute of Technology’s Department of Computer Science and see for yourself the fascinating world of computing and manufacturing, and enjoy the social life as a university student! I am no poet but I hope that my words were able to give you a glimpse of the wonderful opportunities you could experience today!

~With love from the laboratory~