Career path of students after graduationCareer path of students after graduation

  • Employed by the Department 33 (23%)
  • Continued studying within Department 106 (73%)
  • Others 7 (4%)
  • Employed by the Graduate School 115 (93%)
  • Continued studying to pursue Masters/Doctorate Degree 2 (2%)
  • Others 7 (5%)

Careers after graduation

The Department has received job offers from a number of companies throughout Japan, primarily in the central district of Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka.
Businesses of such corporations include, primarily, information systems, software development, telecommunications, Internet-related business; as well as manufacturers of home appliances, office equipment, computer, automotive, transportation, machines, communications equipment and precision machinery; and electricity, gas, telephone, broadcasting and media industries; financial services, printing and publishing companies, building industry and public organizations that have installed computers and networks; universities, local governments and government agencies.

As you can see, there are various opportunities available for the future and can also sense the high expectation from society, towards the department’s education and research.

Also, the option of moving on to graduate program is available and over 70% of our graduates continue their studies to pursue a Master’s Degree.
Many then, also continue on to doctorate degree and once completed, they utilize their knowledge in university and corporate laboratories.

2022 Job offers/Further study (unofficial) Status

We utilize school recommendations and alumni networks to ensure that our graduates secure a wide range of posts with many being with major global and promising companies. Many students choose to further study; over 70% of our students continue to study and gain their masters or doctorate degree.

(In the table below, “Others” includes entrepreneurship, inheritance of family business, and return of foreign students.)

Job Offers Further Study Others
Department 33 (23%) 106 (73%) 7(4%)
Graduate Program 115 (93%) 2 (2%) 7(5%)