Graduate School of Engineering, Scientific and Engineering Simulation – Year 1 Yuuki Satomi

情報工学科在学生からのメッセージAt the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, you can learn about the basics of computer science to the technical details, in a structured manner. As you move on every year through the course, you start to understand how they all come together and relate with each other and become even more interesting. You also get to reconfirm what you have learned, through laboratory exercises. The laboratory exercises are usually done in groups and you’re hardly on your own so not only are the exercises fun, but it ensures that we understand and if not, we can help each other out. We all work and stimulate each other and make sure we always think “out of the box”. Computer Science technology is invaluable in various fields. If you can keep an open mind, you will one day, see the path that you must take. I hope you can find what you want to do through the Department of Computer Science and make it a reality.