Department of Computer Science, Year 4 Minami Mori

情報工学科在学生からのメッセージI was nervous before I joined the university because I assumed that there would be very few girls at the School of Engineering. But actually, I soon made many friends, both boys and girls and was able to lead a very exciting and fun university life. I loved playing games from when I was small. Soon, I started to become interested in gaming graphics, music, systems….and decided to enroll in the school of computer science and engineering. In class, we learned about computing structures and programing. At first, I entered the lab with no knowledge of C language and I struggled to complete even one exercise. Now, I can somewhat utilize the knowledge I have gained. There is also a class called scientific and technical English. They teach you a lot of engineering related words so if I have to write a research paper or do a presentation in the future, this class would definitely be useful. There are definitely benefits being a student at a technical university…I hope you too can achieve your dreams here!